About us

SEO Consultant Zurich

We help you to effectively convince your potential customers in the digital world. In order to grow quickly nowadays, you must present your online business skilfully on search engines and social media. Therefore you always need to pay attention to the latest techniques and requirements. We provide you with the solutions you need to be successful in the long term.


MSB stands for the consulting of the future, which aims more for an aware communication and networking of your company, so that your business always adapts to the current conditions. 


We are 100% focused on practical solutions and latest technological strategies that help Swiss entrepreneurs and SMEs to generate revenue. We cultivate a business mindset: We consciously interact and communicate with our customers through digital innovations.


Even the most powerful companies and people work with recipes. We will provide you the recipes you need to become visible for your clients attention and generate conversion out of it.


For humans to buy into something, it needs to approach their most urgent needs. They need to see it, they feel it and they must see the actual solution for their problem.

SEO Consultant Zurich

Joshua Seeberger

Digital Strategy Consultant, Head of MSB