Digital Strategy Consulting and SEO


We are your partner for all aspects of SEO and digital transformation. We help swiss enterprises and freelancers to grow their business online by generating organic traffic and visibility, achieve a top 3 ranking on Google and enhance the digital communication in their companies and for their clients.


Because of proven digital processes & a more appealing approach of communication that we use to cause growth and traffic for your online appearance and connect with potential clients. This allows us to deliver a strategic action plan, that will help you reaching a top ranking and approach your target audience in a compelling way.

SEO Consultant Zurich

Consulting and Coaching for your personal SEO strategy

To be competitive in your field you need an experienced partner, who can set up your Business for your target audience and deliver them the results they are looking for. We will create a tailor-made SEO strategy together and teach you the key skills to manage your goals.

SEO Consultant Zurich

Keyword Analysis and Research for your audience

Performing for the exact Keywords you want to be found for is essential to compete on the highest level. We will analyze your current position on search engines and create the results your audience requires.

SEO Consultant Zurich

Digital Communication Consulting

We show you how to communicate with your target audience more effectively and profoundly through the possibilities of technological and digital innovations to intertwine your message and expertise with what your potential client is looking for.

SEO Consultant Zurich

Seminars for a Digital Mindset

We provide seminars for 60 - 120 minutes for B2B clients in the topics of SEO and how to create and establish a digital mindset. The goal is to initiate a more conscious online communication and interaction to improve your visibility.